The Trailer of Your Wedding Video

The Trailer of Your Wedding Video
September 27, 2018 Comments Off on The Trailer of Your Wedding Video Wedding Editorial Staff

They say that “the good, if brief, twice good” and so is our wedding videography singapore for boyfriends with a lot of style: brief, but full of strength, emotion and feelings.

It is increasingly common for the couple, when choosing their videography formats for their wedding, to choose fast, short and intense styles. And that is, neither more nor less, the wedding videography singapore. A sigh in a minute and a half that sums up a whole day full of emotions, passion, unforgettable moments…

A sample is this that we made of the wedding of Oriol and Emma. A mini-video that leaves the door opens to want more, as the advance of the best movie this season.

To do this, several cameras, steady-cams, lights and a lot of assembly technique have been used, with quick passes, effects, stop-motion … The idea is that the family and friends of the couple see at a glance all that covered a day that is always full of unique moments. And, of step, that are the own close ones of the pair the ones that request to see the complete video.

The trailer can be used in this way, as an appetizer to the full Highlights of the wedding, or as a unique video in itself, at the choice of the bride and groom.

The music, the images, the effects and everything that this little piece collects are meticulously selected, in agreement with the couple, so that the final result is as amazing as this one that we show you.

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