Expert Tip: How to Choose The Videographer for The Wedding?

Expert Tip: How to Choose The Videographer for The Wedding?
September 6, 2018 Comments Off on Expert Tip: How to Choose The Videographer for The Wedding? Wedding Editorial Staff

Even for the more organized brides, who do not miss out on details and still count on the help of advice for months during the wedding preparations, setting the big day’s suppliers is not an easy task . Especially when we talk about photo and video, since they are the only memories of that unforgettable day – beyond, of course, the memories stored in memory. Definitely a crucial point for wedding memories: after all, what good is a beautiful decoration or a menu of dreams, for example, if you do not have a professional capable of capturing all the details?

When we think of companies specializing in wedding videographer singapore, it is important to analyze the style of filming and editing , in addition to other aspects such as: video quality, music used and types of weddings, since there are companies focused on outdoor ceremonies, beach or field, and others whose portfolio is totally geared towards more classic weddings in churches. During the search for the ideal wedding videographer singapore, it is normal to feel insecure and apprehensive about the end result. Thinking about it, we had a chat with Nivaldo Junior, from Suit Films , who helped us with practical tips for brides on how to compare professionals’ portfolios and budgets, and especially how to make sure the couple is making the best decision.


What would be the first step in the research of wedding videographer singapore? Where and how to search for professionals who are within what the bride seeks?

The first step is to know what you really want because in the market you have several options. From something very grandiose to larger and more luxurious weddings, even for brides who want quality at an affordable price. After that, seek the professional who has a good relationship in the market, do a good research and seek to know if it is a reliable company. Social networks are an excellent search tool, since the brides who have already hired this professional always leave a comment saying if they are satisfied with the work.

Following these two items, what is missing is to go after what you most identify with and have a differentiated quality, a more artistic look that shows a movie that engages you and makes you feel exactly what that bride felt. If you find a professional like this, it pays to pay a little more and have your movie with excellence, as it is one of the only memories left over from your wedding and it is something that needs to have a different attention and care.


When analyzing the portfolio of each company, what should be taken into account?

First the quality of the professional. Even if you think you do not understand much about filming, from your experience of watching movies and even soap operas, you can distinguish what is good or bad. For example: a tremendous camera, professionals working in front of the cameras, the audio with a lot of noise and with low quality … Something simple that you never see in any type of movie or novel. These features above you see only in amateur videos. Since you are hiring a “professional”, the name needs to say it all at those times.


Does the wedding profile – more classic or by the seaside, for example – influence the cameraman’s choice? If so, in what way?

A good professional, regardless of where it will be done, will carry out his work with excellence. I believe that the chosen company must always give its best. We’ve done a lot of different kinds of marriages, but what matters and what makes the movie exciting is how much of the couple’s passion I can bring to my film.


Is face-to-face meeting a must to close the contract? Because?

It is always good to have contact with your professional, but I confess that as we do weddings all over Brazil, many of our contracts were closed via Skype or FaceTime. Our contract is already digitally signed and the customer only signs and sends it via email.


Besides the video portfolio, how else can we know the work of the professional?

Nowadays, our biggest means of communication is the internet, through our website and social networks. In addition, the indications of our own brides, they enjoy both the final work we play that are our marketing industry. Other interesting places to get to know the professionals work better are the wedding blogs, magazines and fairs for brides.

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