Everything You Should Keep in Mind in Wedding Videos

Everything You Should Keep in Mind in Wedding Videos
September 3, 2018 Comments Off on Everything You Should Keep in Mind in Wedding Videos Wedding Editorial Staff

A wedding is a special event, and for the bride and groom perhaps the most important of their lives; That is why many trust wedding videography and photography to immortalize those beautiful moments of their lives.  Petirrojo Studios wedding videography expert shares with you some important tips for your wedding video.

  1. Create a script that you like

Everyone wants the video of their marriage to be unique and special , as well as memorable. But it is clear that not everyone has the same approach. While it is true that each wedding video maker has already pre-established a wedding video script. It is important to raise our ideas of how it will be or how you want the video to be, details that the couple believes important should be in the video, and professionals in these cases will know how to capture that idea in the video.

  1. Beware of the times

The making of a wedding videography is usually done for a certain time of filming and you do not want to waste it or to miss any important detail. That is why it is important that you make a time plan for each part of the marriage video . It may be a bit cumbersome or take a long time, but if you have a wedding planner, you can delegate this important detail.

  1. Do not forget the guests

While it is true that the couple and the wedding itself are the protagonists of the video, there are also important actors and actresses, and they are your guests (all). You must make it very clear that everyone must participate in the video, whether in the already famous ” video-call “, where they leave a nice message of augury to the couple, perhaps telling an anecdote of the happy couple or some occurrence or emotional Exciting or funny The idea is that everyone participates in the video of your wedding .

  1. Planned but with spontaneity

It is clear that it is important to have everything well planned at a wedding, including obviously the marriage video. But the success of a wedding video also includes in the tone of the images, these should be spontaneity , either by the bride and groom, relatives and guests. Try that even if there is a script or a plan, reign naturalness of all. This gives your wedding video a plus that over the years will be a golden memory for the married couple and their friends.

  1. Innovation is the key

Nowadays there are no rules to make a wedding, there is a protocol in the process of marriage; already in the reception and the celebration of the wedding you can give license and innovate . A traditional wedding video is fine, but if the couple wants to give a more personal touch … go ahead. Perhaps with a special musicalization, graphic details, some artistic number from the couple or guests; some jocular occurrence, a surprise, make a wedding video clip. Remember that everything is valid and depends on you.

  1. Trust experts in wedding videos

For many this point is the most important of all, perhaps if a wedding video is not made by professionals, none of the above mentioned points will be well done . Nowadays new technologies give us the opportunity to see the work of wedding video makers, where you will have the opportunity to see their work and all their experience.

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