Wedding Videography

Wedding Videography
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The technological side of singapore wedding videography has come a long way over the past few years and advances in style have become stunning. An increasing number of photo and film professionals have applied their skills to capture the most beautiful images in weddings, producing a perfect videography with scenes of great emotion.

The idea of singapore wedding videography is not just to tell the story of your wedding day, but portraying the characters – the conversations, reactions and relaxation – as a way to pass on to anyone who watched the video, and by chance was not present at the party, the clear feeling of joy and excitement, as if she had experienced every second of the party. When creating a movie of this style, videographers spend more time editing each recorded image, each sound captured, but the reward for them and the bride and groom, especially is in the final product: a wedding video that surely your friends and family will want to see many times.

In addition to wedding albums, singapore wedding videography and wedding video journalism have gained more and more space in the preference of couples who intend to ascend to the altar soon. When the engaged couple hire the professional photographers, they already include in the package the filming of the ceremony, as a way to remember this important occasion in the lives of the neighbors and their families.  

In the question of photo and image, there is no way to economize. Always try to count on the work of qualified professionals, search the market, through directions from friends or sites, video production companies that have a good portfolio. This ensures the quality of the services and you will know that you are paying to have the best that photographers and videographers can offer you.


3 Tips For Wedding Ceremony Trading

Planning a wedding is not a simple task. It involves many details and of course a large budget. Therefore, delegating this activity to those who understand the subject, such as wedding ceremonialists, is the best alternative for the bride and groom.

However, it becomes a problem when the contractors do not master the art of negotiation, accepting, without analyzing well, the service rendered by the ceremonial. In a situation like this, knowing how to negotiate is indispensable for success in hiring a wedding ceremonial.

In order to help you in this task, we’ve produced this article with three tips for good negotiation, getting a good value for money. Let’s check it out?


  1. Define the responsibilities of the ceremonial

Generally, it is the role of the ceremonialist to coordinate all tasks or services that are part of the marriage. Among them, we can highlight the service buffet . Even if he is the person responsible for hiring such a service-or even for offering it-assess whether it really pays to leave it to him.

Remember that each service provided is paid and is in contract, allowing you to know the amount – if it is not stated, ask the company that provides the service, because everything should be clear.

You can analyze the amount charged by the buffet to make an on-site coordinator available. Then you can check the amount charged by the ceremonial. In this way, it will have the notion of the best cost-benefit of both proposals.

See that you can do this for other types of services essential for the realization of the wedding, such as musical , photographic and videographic.


  1. Evaluate the price of the reception staff

It is common to be part of the wedding ceremonial package a staff to welcome the guests on the big day. The value is usually built into this package. To know exactly what your cost is, do not forget to demand a contract with everything very well specified.

If you notice that the amount charged may be above the market, do not think twice. Look for human resources agencies and do a search yourself. The idea is to confront the values ​​charged by the agencies and the wedding ceremonial. If you notice a discrepancy in values, negotiate so that you get the best price so that you do not lose.

However, it is not a question of hiring a cheap service, but of having a partnership that offers both quality and fair price at the same time.


  1. Trade extra services

As we said, it is up to the wedding ceremonial to coordinate the activities. However, this is not always necessary. Some tasks already have the necessary coordination to deliver the complete product or service, which is the case of assemblies that are held in matrimonial celebrations such as stage, light play, distribution of tables and chairs, etc.

Most of the time, the company that provides the service takes care of sending a professional to follow the development of the assembly, thus dispensing with the services of the wedding ceremonial.

However, if you still want to follow it, negotiate so that the value can take more account, claiming that, understand? It’s all about information, and knowing that, you have the power to bargain.

After reading this article, did you realize that we can, from the details, negotiate with the company that provides wedding ceremonial? Yeah. We can say that everything or almost everything comes down to the issue of giving due attention to who or what we are going to hire, as you could see well.

Now that you know the negotiation tips for hiring wedding ceremonial, share this article with your friends on the social networks. Be a good colleague and give them this information!

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