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When setting up the cost sheet for a wedding the people themselves stipulate the value of each service. Some research with friends who have already married, others research with advisors, and others with suppliers in the area.

Okay, now I know how much a photographer costs and it’s already on my spreadsheet.

So, the research begins:

– Love, look at this photographer I found, are the photos of my dreams.

– It’s very expensive, it’s not within our budget, let’s see more.

– Look at this love, this is within the budget that we put in our worksheet.

– Did not like.

At that moment some realize that to have a good photographer one has to be flexible. Maybe this worksheet is not considering that the photos have a cost-benefit ratio, and this is often visible right away.

At the end of the day it’s worth the old cliché: the photos will be forever and they are the only thing that stays. If you make a mistake, you’ll regret it for the rest of your life.

Before anything related to price, the first thing you have to consider when choosing a singapore wedding photographer is to fall in love with the photos he makes. If you just like it is not enough, that means you’re not 100% sure that that’s your photographer.

You have to see yourself in the photos, you have to dream about being in those photos.

A beautiful, even award-winning wedding photo does not always mean that the photographer is good. It might be the only good picture of a wedding. Want a tip? Ask to see the full wedding of that award-winning photo.

Wedding photography has to tell history, has to thrill and has to involve.

If you do not get emotional, if you cannot feel inside those pictures, as if you were a guest, it’s because you’re making the wrong choice, you’re choosing with the budget instead of the heart.

And that’s the biggest mistake that can happen.

And I do not mean that the best photographer is the most expensive, the best photographer is the one who will make you thrill when seeing your photos. The best photographer is the one who identifies with the work, and especially the one who “hits the saint”, the affinity.

The singapore wedding photographer goes beyond a supplier, he will be your accomplice on the day of your wedding. It will turn your shadow, it is as if it were a best friend who does not want to leave you during that day.

If your photographer is the one who went to the wedding and cannot wait to leave, you made the wrong choice. But then it’s too late.

So how do you choose a wedding photographer?

Watch and review your portfolio, do not just stick to the photos on the site / blog, do not just stick to the beautiful photos he publishes on Facebook or Instagram. Ask to see a full wedding, ask to see the wedding of that award-winning photo, ask to see an album, ask to meet him in person.

Just do not hire a photographer as a purchasing analyst, comparing budgets. Just do not hire a photographer because your budget says it has to be the one instead of the other.

After the wedding and all the investments, you made, the photos will be the only thing that will tell the story of your big day. Putz! There I go and talk cliché again. Sorry, but he’s stronger than me, and I know I’m a suspect to talk about it.

It breaks my heart receiving emails from brides saying they have repented of the photographer they hired and ask me for help asking if I could handle the photos or save somehow. Believe me, I get emails like this every year.

Regardless of the size of your wedding, your financial condition and your budget, be careful when choosing your photographer. There will always be one for you to fall in love with and fit into your budget.

Another good old cliché “the cheap is expensive” is worth a lot when we are talking about a very important day in your life.

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