The Football Lovers

Football Lovers

There are many types of the Football Lovers, but what type of fan are you? There’s Hardcore Fan, Party Animal Fan, Ultra Fan, and Bandwagon Fan. But no matter what kind of fan you are, you’re bound to have some common things in common with your fellow football aficionados. Find out which type of football fan you are by reading this article. It’ll help you choose between two extremes: the Bandwagon Fan and the Ultra Fan.

Bandwagon Fan

Football lovers can be labeled Bandwagon Fans if they follow more than one team. For example, a bandwagon fan of the NFL may support the Baltimore Ravens while a bandwagon fan of the NBA may support the Dallas Mavericks. While the two types of football fans may support the same teams in different sports, bandwagon fans typically do not share the same passion for both teams. Despite their similarity, bandwagon fans are not likely to share a common goal.

Hardcore Fan

You’ve heard it before, but what is a hardcore fan of football? A football fan who attends every game and cheers wildly, regardless of the outcome. These football fans might be called ultras or “hooligans” because they never switch off. And while the non-believer might not fully understand the sentiment, it is clear to those who know them that it doesn’t matter if they’re wearing swimming trunks, t-shirts, or jeans. Hardcores are the kind of football fans who go to any lengths to cheer their teams and cheer them on, no matter the result.

Party Animal Fan

If you’re looking for a great gift for a fan of the NFL, consider the Party Animal Fan of Football. This fun-loving fan doesn’t care what the game is, as long as it involves beer, good times, and football. She’s an extrovert who will likely make the game fun by scream and shouting. Without her, watching the game would be dull. Here are some ideas for a fun football themed party:

Ultra Fan

An Ultra Fan is a football lover who identifies with a team and aims to support that team by any means necessary. While football is a passion for many people, a fanatic may also have a more sexy or even violent side. There are many types of ultra fans, but a real ultra is the strongest type. They are usually male, with some exceptions for female fans. Women may also be involved, though they are usually not allowed to join the ultras.

Bandwagon Fan with the Raiders

As a former Raiders fan, I can’t deny my excitement at the possibility of being a Bandwagon Fan with the Oakland Athletics. After nine seasons of losing and comical dysfunction, I am excited to see the Raiders compete for the AFC West title, but I get frustrated when bandwagon fans show up to games in new gear. I get it, bandwagon fans are a necessary part of the sports world, and the Raiders certainly need them to generate revenue.